There is a clock on this game
On time / there is an end in sight
A finish line / what are you gonna do
this is LIVE! / “and the crowd is going wild…”

What does a champion look like to you?
Is it the player with the trophy in his hands?
The businessman in the Mercedes Benz?
The boxer left standing after the final KO-
or the little girl still laughing after her last round of chemo?

 Who is your hero?
The citizen standing up for their rights –
or the stranger standing up for yours?
Are you gonna follow trends, or follow friends?
Who do you reach for when your world ends?

See there’s peeps who sleep in the penthouse suite / we want to be like –
and there’s kids in other countries with nothing to eat / we don’t wanna see, right?
The time is now. There is a clock. It don’t spin forever, this little blue dot.

Stand up, kickoff, touchdown, never, never give up
We played five championships before I held that cup –
So think twice – who’s leading here?
The choice is yours to make.
Your voice, your life, your goal line,
This ground is yours to shake.

Be your best self – you’ve got to practice every day –
Life is a relay – go all out every play.
There is a clock on this game. Look up from your lane.
When you see the word – CHAMPION –
Can you hear your name?

- By Raegan Sealy

Cosmo DeNicola Companies Strive to be Champions all the time.

We find that it is important to be not only a champion on the field, but a champion in everyday life. That is why we are focused on doing good in our communities, no matter where we travel. 


Charities Supported

The Ronald McDonald House • Philadelphia First Responders • Amitofo Care Center •  St. Joseph & St. Vincent Homes for children • Turning Points for Children • Humpty Dumpty Institute • Gridiron Greats • Pro Football Legends • Jaws Youth Playbook • After the Impact Fund • Babineaux Brothers • Lupus Research • Special Olympics • Military & Veterans • Q81 Foundation • The Brewer Group • Haslam Scholars • Great Futures Los Angeles • Hue Jackson Foundation • Jack Del Rio Foundation • Make the World Better Foundation • Hunt Family Foundation • Live Bright Scholars • Earl Campbell Foundation • Crescent Moon Foundation • Pro- Vision • Arians Family Foundation • Steven Smith Family Foundation