An entrepreneur, a competitor, a mentor, and a family man, Cosmo DeNicola is truly a man of many hats. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Cosmo says he always knew that he was different.

“By fifth grade I thought that I was different, but by sixth grade I knew that I was different,” he explains. “I recognized that things are happening all around us, and they have the potential to affect our lives.”

“I saw the world with clarity,” he says. “I’ve always had more of an awareness.”

That sense of awareness has allowed him to become the self-made businessman that he is today. Currently, Cosmo owns and operates Cosmo DeNicola Companies, an ever-growing portfolio of businesses ranging from sports, entertainment, healthcare, publishing, and technology.

“I know how to grow businesses. I’ve proven it. It's my passion. But at my core, I enjoy the competition and the process. I enjoy the journey just as much as the destination.”


As a 40-year technology industry veteran, Cosmo has founded and led several national companies (both private and public) to market-leading positions. His business success can be attributed to his accelerator mentality and competitive nature.

"I know how to grow businesses. I've proven it. This is my passion," Cosmo says. "But at my core, I enjoy the competition and the process. I enjoy the journey just as much as the destination."

For Cosmo, that journey began in 1981 when he founded Amtech Software, provider of ERP solutions for the packaging manufacturing industry. Amtech has led the market for the past 40 years, and is the backbone of more than 700 manufacturing plants in 17 countries.  Amtech's success drove Cosmo and his wife Janet to launch technology support company, Futura Services Inc., in 1992. 

In the early 2000's, Cosmo entered the acquisition sector, acquiring Amtech competitor's Zytek and Hyperware. In addition, Cosmo co-founded enterprise mobility provider of wireless/ RFID technology, InfoLogix Inc,. The company went public in 2006, and sold to Stanley Black & Decker in 2011. That same year, Cosmo co-found international SAP services company, LogiStar Solutions, and sold it to Ernst & Young in the spring of 2014. In 2014, Cosmo co-founded Pursuit Healthcare Advisors, and in 2017 sold it to Atos. In 2018, Cosmo acquired Avista Solutions International (Minneapolis) and Qualitek (Atlanta), expanding his markets to Latin America and Europe. In June 2018, Cosmo was awarded with EY's Philadelphia Region Entrepreneur of the Year. 

In 2008, when William (Bill) Rouhana, Amy Newmark and Robert Jacobs bought Chicken Soup for the Soul, Cosmo joined as an investor. Chicken Soup for the Soul was started in 1993 with a simple idea: that people could help each other by sharing 101 stories about their lives.

The stories soothed and provided comfort, just like chicken soup. The Chicken Soup for the Soul book series of over 250 titles has sold more than 500 million copies globally, including 110 million copies in the US and Canada. They have been translated into 43 languages and published in over 100 countries. 

In 2015, Cosmo invested in the newly formed Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment (CSSE) and was elected as a Director to its Board on June 18, 2019. Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment is changing the media landscape by building a network of video-on-demand networks delivering lifestyle content for all screens, connected by their core brand pillars of positivity, hope and comfort.  

Cosmo's focus includes the healthcare space. In early 2012, Cosmo helped to transform Futura Services into Futura Mobility, an enterprise mobility company that has grown to support over 300,000 users and mobile devices through the enterprise and healthcare space. In July of 2020, Futura Mobility was sold to it's current CEO, David Gulian, and private equity firm, Renovus Capital Partners.  Futura Mobility remains present in 1 of every 3 US hospitals. In addition to Futura Mobility, Cosmo has launched companies that develop mobile applications for chronic disease management and deliver strategic consulting services. His companies have been recognized as Innovator of the Year within the healthcare and manufacturing industries.

In 2021 Cosmo and Janet sold the majority interest in Amtech / Futura to Peak Rock Capital. 


Cosmo’s entrepreneurial success can be credited to his competitive nature.

"I am a competitor at heart," he says. "I want to win, have fun, and help people."

"Economic success is kind of fun, but I love winning." "To win in business is to have a good market, a great product, and loyal customers. I'm competing -- and that's what fulfills me."

Through his fearless pursuit to win, Cosmo has become involved in an array of industries. One of his biggest passions; however, is within the world of sports and entertainment. That passion became a reality in 2006 when Cosmo entered Arena Football.  Through his ownership, Cosmo built relationships within the professional football community. During Cosmo's 13 season tenure as owner, his teams captured six Conference Championships and two World Championships. 

Cosmo entered the world of entertainment in 2011, launching MKS&D, a Hollywood talent management firm that had managed actors in film, television and theatre for 30 years.  Clients under management include hundreds of actors, including a Tony Award winner and Grammy nominated artists.  

In the fall of 2014, Cosmo announced a new partnership with iconic sports agent, Leigh Steinberg and his sports agency, Steinberg Sports and Entertainment (SS&E).

SS&E is a full-service athlete representation, marketing and consulting firm. With over 45 years in the industry, SS&E has guided the careers of hundred of athletes, broadcasters and coaches, as well as consulted for corporations, charities and entertainment properties to achieve optimal success. With a commitment to paying it forward, SS&E produces several world-class events to teach the next generation of professionals. 


"Above all else, I feel like I have a wealth of experience and knowledge, and I want to share that with people in my life," says Cosmo. "That's how I can contribute."

In lieu of this belief, Cosmo has made it a priority to dedicate his time in not only giving back to his community, but also within the relationships that he has in his life.

As a father, grandfather, employer, community leader and being heavily invested in sports and entertainment - Cosmo is surrounded by young individuals all of the time. 

"Some of the most unique relationships in my life, and the ones that I cherish most, are the ones that I have with young, creative people," he says. "I hope that by sharing my experiences, I can be a positive influence in their life, and guide them on a successful path."

Cosmo continues, "Time is the most precious and difficult thing to give. Lending your name or writing a check is one thing, but at the end of the day, all people really want and neeed is your time and attention."

In addition to mentoring, Cosmo makes it a priority to give back to both his local (active board member at his church) and global community. Cosmo serves on the board of the Humpty Dumpty Institute (HDI), a prestigious, non-profit organization comprised of innovative, successful entrepreneurs who work in tandem with the United Nations to implement large-scale humanitarian projects for under-developed countries. Currently, Cosmo is an active participant in HDI’s Cultural Exchange Program where he leverages his relationships within sports and entertainment to help raise global awareness on HDI’s initiatives.

In the fall of 2014, Cosmo and his business partner, Leigh Steinberg, worked in tandem to develop the Steinberg DeNicola Humanitarian Award, an award designed to commemorate members of the NFL community for their humanitarian efforts. The Humanitarian Award is presented annually at the Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl party, hosted in the Super Bowl host city, and the annual Maxwell Football Gala, hosted in Atlantic City, NJ. 49 recipients have received the award.